The Group

Who are we?

We are a group of likeminded women who live in and around Cambridge. Most of us have started in the group as absolute beginners to running and we are always welcoming new beginners or improvers to come and join us on our runs. If you're looking for elite racing this isn't the group for you, the important thing for us is getting out on a regular basis, having a chat and a laugh and feeling pretty great after a run. 

Who leads the sessions?

All our runs are led by volunteer run leaders. All leaders are qualified Leaders in Running Fitness from England Athletics. We actively encourage our members to become leaders themselves and thanks to the generosity of the group members we can fund their training. 

Who can join the group?

We actively encourage anyone who is considering getting in to running to join one of our regular ten week beginners blocks. Our next beginners blocks will start in September 2017. If you can already run for approximately 30 minutes comfortably, you would be welcome to join one of our regular 5k runs which continue throughout the year. 

With insurance from England Athletics, we can take participants age 12 and above. For those age 12-15, they would need a parent/guardian present. 

How much does it cost?

We don't charge for the sessions and there is no membership fee for the group. We do ask participants for small donation which goes towards training up new leaders. We suggest £10 for a 10 week beginners block. We would never turn anyone away for financial reasons, donations are optional.