We are looking for new leaders to join our team

Run Leader Role and Responsibilities

 If you meet the following criteria we’d love to hear from you:

  • You enjoy running in all weathers
  • You want to share your love of running with others
  • You are encouraging to others of all abilities
  • You have been running regularly with the group for at least 3 months (N/A if you’re looking to set up a new location and running with an existing group is not practical)
  • You understand that when you’re leading a run, it is not ‘your run’ and the pace and programme should cater to the group runners and not your own personal training plan
  • You can commit to supporting a group once a week for a minimum of 2 out of 4 weeks
  • You can commit to being a Run Leader with Let’s Run Girls for a minimum of 8 months

 What do we expect our Leaders to do?

 Before a session:

  • Support potential new runners by answering questions etc. (via email or social media)
  • Communicate with the other leaders prior to the session
  • Plan a run route
  • Wear high-vis clothing in the dark months
  • Have your mobile on you with sufficient battery
  • Arrive at the meeting point 5 - 10 minutes early and welcome runners to the session
  • Create a friendly and welcoming environment for runners
  • Check in runners using the RunTogether Leader App
  • Screen for injuries/illness
  • Be prepared to lead the group through a warm up

During a session:

  • Carry your phone with you at all times
  • Encourage all runners of all abilities
  • Follow the planned session working with the other run leaders to ensure the group is fully supported
  • Make sure the group stays on track and all runners are accounted for
  • Watch out for safety hazards and communicate with other leaders and runners
  • If a runner is injured, ensure appropriate support and communicate with other leaders


After a session:

  • Wait for all runners to finish the run
  • Encourage the runners to take time to stretch following a run
  • Demonstrate good stretching techniques
  • Be supportive to all runners on their run
  • Pass on any relevant communication to runners (e.g. upcoming events)


What do we NOT expect:

  • You to be an expert in running, you will learn all the necessary knowledge to be a safe and effective Run Leader on the 1 day Leadership in Running Fitness (LIRF) course. 
  • You to be a fast runner. You can lead a group from the front, middle or back and we welcome runners of all paces and abilities to join our Leaders Team.

Upcoming LIRF course dates:

The Leadership in Running Fitness course is a 1 day course delivered by England Athletics. You will need to make your own travel arrangements to and from the course. 

Upcoming local course dates:

10th November 2019 - Bury St Edmunds

23rd November 2019 - Cambridge

1st December 2019 - Hertfordshire

11th January 2020 - Bedford 

8th February 2020 - Bury St Edmunds

23rd February 2020 - Cambridge

If you are interested in becoming a Run Leader or would like to find out more, contact letsrungirlscambridge@gmail.com