staying connected in lockdown

Ribbon Challenge

Whilst we are not able to run altogether at the moment, we've put together an activity to help keep you running, and still feel connected to each other during these challenging times.

Inspired by Ruby and Keeva's excellent blog we've put ribbons in various locations around Cambridgeshire (for now they are mostly around the Trumpington area but more are coming soon and you can help!)

Your mission is to use the Google map to find the ribbons that we've hidden, and take a selfie with them. Every selfie with a ribbon that is posted to the Let's Run Girls Facebook Page counts as one entry to win one of the following prizes (winners will be drawn at random): 

  • A Let's Run Girls t-shirt or vest (3 up for grabs)
  • A bottle of wine 
  • 'Born to Run' book (kindly donated by Sandra)

You can also add your own ribbons to the map for others to find if you'd like. The map is open for editing - just find some suitable places (taking into account the advice below) and get ribbon hunting!

Good luck - and above all, stay safe and have fun!

Challenge Guidelines

Ribbon hunting:

  • Please keep at least 2m away from other people. You may need to cross roads, dart down side streets, etc. Please be respectful of others
  • Remember you are not trying to get a PB during this time, you are trying to stay healthy and happy! Don't worry about being a few minutes slower if you've stayed safe
  • Please do NOT touch or remove the ribbons, they may have been touched by another person not long before
  • If you find that a ribbon is missing, take a photo of where it should have been and let us know, so that we can check and replace.

Ribbon placing:

  • Preferably put ribbons in places where it's not likely to be busy or crowded, so people can take selfies safely.
  • Don't attach ribbons to any private property (unless it's your own)
  • Consider the environment - use natural materials if possible, don't put them anywhere they could be dangerous to wildlife, and remember where you placed them so you can remove them later
  • Try to be as descriptive as you can on the exact position of the ribbon when placing it on the Google map, particularly if it is partially obscured, camouflaged, etc.
  • No ribbon? No problem! Get creative with fabric strips, laces, twine, etc.


  • Entries are limited to one selfie per person per day (the aim is to keep running, not get all at once!)
  • They must be unique ribbons in order to count - you can't keep running to the same ribbon
  • Selfies must be with other people's ribbons, not your own

Find the Ribbons

Use the Google Map to find the existing Ribbons. You can also add your own ribbons for others to find and update the map.